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About Dermaroller Microneedling

MicroRoller System is a cosmetic handheld device which consists of a titanium roller with 200 micro gauges. The MicroRoller is used to treat wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone.

Microroller works by creating micro-channels in the epidermis to release growth factors that promote scarless healing and deposits healthy collagen in place of scarred collagen. When applied to the skin the microroller promotes collagen and elastin production through controlled wound healing increasing product absorption by up to 85%


  • Mirco-Needling Targets 3 key cells:
  • Keratinocytes – Epidermal Growth Factors
  • Melanocytes – Pigment Regulation
  • Fibroblasts – Collagen and Elastin
  • Help heal sun damage
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fade scars and stretch marks