Laser Hair Removal


The exclusive 3D technology, only available from the Alma Soprano Titanium Laser, ensures every treatment is efficient and effective. Each time the applicator is applied to the skin it simultaneously targets various tissue depths, reaching multiple parts of the hair follicle to deliver superior results.

Thanks to the continuous cooling of the applicator head, we can treat each area multiple times without overheating the skin or causing any discomfort. Whilst each treatment may take slightly longer compared to other hair removal solutions, the added time and effort produces far better results meaning less treatments are required in total...


100% safe and pain free, the Soprano Titanium Laser means you no longer need to fear your hair removal appointments. At SkinSpirit, your treatment time will be relaxing and enjoyable from the moment you arrive. With access to complementary drinks in our client lounge and the opportunity to browse in our retail boutique, your hair removal treatments at SkinSpirit should be the highlight of your day!

We’re so confident in our treatment results that we even offer a price guarantee. We will price match any like-for-like treatment in the Surrey area, offering the same quality of Laser Hair Removal system and the same level of service. We take our promises seriously!


Without getting too technical, the 3D technology used at SkinSpirit really does ensure exceptional results! Combining the effectiveness of the Alex 755nm, the Speed 810nm and the Yag 1064nm wavelengths ensures triple laser power able to treat all skin types, all year round.

The unique gradual heating, single pulse delivery method effectively damages the hair follicle, hindering re-growth. Bye bye hair – hello smooth skin!


As one of the few Laser Hair Removal systems available to effectively treat all shades of skin across all the seasons, the Soprano Titanium doesn’t discriminate. With various applicator sizes for the efficient treatment of larger areas or the precise treatment of delicate areas, everyone is in safe hands at SkinSpirit.

Our free consultation service enables those who may have been turned away by other Laser Hair Removal clinics to fully understand how our 3D technology works for all.


At SkinSpirit we are incredibly discerning about the equipment we invest in, the products we use and the treatments that we put our name to. Thanks to the Soprano Titanium clinically proven and award-winning results, we’re happy to guarantee a successful course of hair removal treatments, as prescribed by our expert therapists. Packages start from courses of 8 treatments, including 1 free top-up treatment to be redeemed within 6 months of the course end date.

Not only will your treatments be 100% safe and effective, at SkinSpirit we want every second of your visit to be relaxing and enjoyable too. So, let us spoil and pamper you on your journey to silky smooth skin!



As part of our commitment to all our Laser Hair Removal clients, we guarantee that you will receive exceptional care and the best Laser Hair Removal treatment available today.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art Soprano Titanium Laser, we’re able to offer the most advanced and effective, pain free Laser Hair Removal. Embrace liberatingly smooth skin and be hair free and carefree!


A price guarantee of 10% less than any identical treatment plan using the same laser, available within a 15-mile radius of the clinic.

Treatments that take place in our beautifully relaxing, welcoming, clean and safe environment.
Complimentary drinks in our lounge.

We want you to relax and enjoy your time with us – there’s no rush. SkinSpirit appointments allow for plenty of time and you’re welcome to use our lounge or browse in our retail boutique.

Free consultation and patch test with one of our expert laser practitioners.

Before and after photos to monitor the results.

Complimentary Facial or LED Phototherapy session (15 mins) following your treatment (only available with Laser Hair Removal courses when over half your body is being treated).

All treatment plans include 1 complimentary top-up treatment if required within 6 months of your course completion date.

Free DermaQuest SPF Moisturiser (trial size) for all facial hair removal courses.

20% off any products purchased on the day your purchase your Laser Hair Removal course, or 10% off when attending appointments.

Need more details? Our experts have all the answers for you