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Meet the Team

Our mission is to treat, inform and inspire people across the UK

Our highly trained Therapists and Doctors ensure the very best treatment quality, customer service and skincare advice, enhancing your enjoyment and maximising your results at every opportunity.

Fall in love with yourself again at SkinSpirit…

Victoria Hollis

Clinic Manager

I have always been interested in beauty from a young age and have enjoyed making others feel good about themselves. I get a buzz/kick out of seeing someone confidence grow from when they first step foot in the clinic with a skin concern to how they leave after a course of treatments to address this. I find the industry fascinating how over the 11 years I have been practicing for it has changed and I look forward to the newest products and treatments I can offer. 

My favourite treatment to give is tattoo removal, seeing how the body responds to a laser breaking down pigmentation, and hearing the stories behind the ink always makes for an interesting day. I love to spend 20 mins under the Dermalux LED machine to completely chill out and the effect it has on my skin at reducing any redness and sensitive is amazing. By far the best product we have here at SkinSpirit is Mini Pumpkin Mask by DermaQuest, It amazes me how a at home mask can hydrate, help with pigmentation, be antibacterial and exfoliate/retexturize my skin in 10 mins.

Dr Sagar Patel

Injectables Specialist

Sagar is a fully qualified and insured dentist with the General Dental Council.Using a unique blend of artistry and medicine, he is able to offer a variety of looks tailored to each client.
Sagar specialises in providing: Anti-wrinkle injections full face - forehead, frowns, crow lines, bunny lines, smokers lines, pebbled chin, neck lift, excessive sweating, gummy smile and teeth grinding along with Dermal Fillers - Marrionette lines, nasolabial lines, non surgical rhinoplasty (non surgical nose jobs), hand rejuvenation, cheek and lip enhancement.

Sagar believes in putting the patient first and conducting treatments that are in their best interest. He attends regular courses to continue his professional development which ultimately helps his patients receive the best care possible.
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Beth Hawkey

Advanced Therapist

My passion and interest for skincare has continued to grow since I first joined the industry 4  years ago. I love how exciting our industry is, new treatments and new products challenge us into providing the best result for our clients.

I chose to work at SkinSpirit because not only are we here to help you achieve great results we are about the full experience and strive to provide the full package.

We also offer my favourite brand, Dermaquest. Not only has this brand worked amazingly for myself and my clients, it also boasts great results for my family and friends.

My go to treatment is definitely a skin peel. It can treat any skin concern whether it be fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation or acne scarring. The combination of a skin peel and retinol as a homecare product provide incredible results and this would be my top recommendation. 

Carrie Reid

Advanced Therapist

I have always been interested in skin and keeping your skin looking younger particularly in a society that is living longer and exposed to so much environmental damage.  I love helping people feel better about themselves and giving them confidence to walk down the street without full make-up because they feel comfortable in the skin they are in. I have recently returned to the industry after working in a medical environment for the last 5 years and I was keen to return to the beauty industry in a more clinical setting, performing treatments that had strong results, and seeing skin transformed.

Being a therapist for me is about treating the whole person from a 360 point of view, taking into consideration their lifestyle and empowering them with knowledge for long-term results. By gaining this knowledge it allows us to bespokely as everyone is unique.  Therefore, I love all the treatments we offer as they all deliver. My favourite products are the DermaQuest B3 Youth Serum and Medik8 Crystal Retinal 10, the combination of these two leave my skin feeling youthful and renewed.

Megan Blackwell

Reception Coordinator

I have been in the beauty industry for 10 years and have always enjoyed building a rapport with my clients. Since working at SkinSpirit I have been at the forefront of the clinic, by being on reception I get to build a friendly yet professional relationship with all the clients that walk through the door. I enjoy making clients feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they walk through the door, and love to see clients come out from the treatment rooms happy with the results from their treatments.

My favourite treatment to have is the Laser Hair Removal, I have had a few sessions in different areas and have noticed the effects from the first session. The laser is pain free and I’m really impressed with the results that I got. My favourite products are from the DermaQuest range, especially the SkinBrite Cleanser and Essential B5 Hydrating Serum, these have really helped brighten and hydrate my skin since using them!

Maree Hunt

Reception Coordinator

For me working on reception I get a high level of satisfaction from delivering a unique experience for each individual customer from the moment they walk through the door till the time they leave. This can range from a friendly natter, that comforting cup of coffee as they prepare for one of our relaxing facials or chill nerves about a treatment that will help what could be a long term concern of theirs.

My favourite product is the Dermaquest Dermaclear pads as they are my go to product when an unexpected breakout looms.

Treatment wise after having two children the I pixel really helped to tighten, tone, and improve the appearance of stretch marks in that stubborn mummy tummy area.

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