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Clear Nail Fungus


Nail Fungus Treatment at SkinSpirit

Nail Fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a difficult to treat fungal infection of the fingernails or toenails. With traditional treatments such as medications and topical creams showing only limited success. SkinSpirit utilises the power of Alma lasers with a selection of clinically proven laser and light-based solutions, to deliver impressive results.

These breakthrough treatments target the source of the infection beneath the nail plate, clearing nail fungus within a few short treatment sessions. In addition to killing the fungal organisms, the non-ablative energy also heats up the skin tissue, without destroying it. This kick-starts natural healing process, further aiding treatment effectiveness.

After treatment the nail will heal and return to normal with steady improvement. Treatment means you no longer have to worry about symptoms spreading to other toes and fingers or being infectious to those around you. Eliminating the cause is the first step, then your body is free to heal and rejuvenate without risk of reinfection.



  • Fast and effective
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Long lasting results



Treatment Details

Toenail or fingernail fungus is more than just an embarrassing visible flaw – it’s unhealthy and can spread easily. As the white and pink part of the nail begins to turn yellow, it also typically hardens, thickens and can even crack or splinter. Damage also often spreads to the skin around the nail as the fungus finds new spaces to grow. Luckily, at SkinSpirit we have invested in Alma Harmony lasers to guarantee a fast, effective treatment option to kill nail fungus at the source.

Take care of your hands and feet with cutting-edge laser treatment for toenail and fingernail fungus. A treatment that dramatically improves both the look and health of your nails. Ongoing home remedies are typically unsuccessful and most over the counter treatments become less and less effective as fungus symptoms increase. Topical treatments cannot pass through the nail plate, especially after it thickens and hardens. However, the Alma Harmony XL Pro’s Dye-PL targets beneath the surface for immediate effects and lasting results.

During treatment, the laser makes a series of passes over the infected nail/s, pausing for a few seconds between each pass. The thicker the nail, the more passes we need to make, but even the thickest of nails can be treated effectively. Treatment doesn’t result in any side effects and is safe for all ages.

Results Driven Treatments at SkinSpirit

At SkinSpirit we pride ourselves on delivering treatments that guarantee impressive results. Our Nail fungus treatment is a treatment that does just that - impressive results, guaranteed.

Safe and effective, this treatment is carried out in the privacy of one of our luxurious treatment rooms, using the latest laser technology. You’re able to relax before or after your appointment in our client lounge, making a trip to SkinSpirit a pleasurable experience.

Our experienced therapists are available to offer expert advice, helping with the concern you have come in to have treated, or any other skincare, aesthetic or wellbeing questions.

Make the most of a visit to SkinSpirit and browse our extensively stocked retail boutique too. We’re here to help you look and feel better.

Why choose SkinSpirit?

At SkinSpirit we pride ourselves on offering a unique medispa experience with exceptional attention to detail applied to every aspect of your care.

We combine world-leading skincare and supplement brands, the latest technology and an incredible team to deliver results-driven programmes that are tailored to our clients’ needs. Whatever your aesthetic and wellbeing goals, we’re here to help you achieve them.

Our beautiful clinic provides a place for you to come and relax. Enjoy a pre- or post-treatment drink in our client lounge and browse our retail boutique at your leisure. Our therapists are available to answer your questions and provide expert advice, enabling you to get the most out of every visit to SkinSpirit


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Your Time

Most fungal nail infection treatments at SkinSpirit only take a few minutes. The Alma Harmony laser offers a fast and effective treatment solution.

For most people, 3 or 4 treatments once every 2 to 3 weeks are enough to fully treat the condition.


The following contraindications do apply to this treatment:


Systemic antifungal therapy in last 6 months

Use of nail colouring dyes that change nail pigmentation

Pregnancy or breastfeeding

Resistance of bacterial nail infection that causes nail pigmentation

Existence of concomitant nail disorders such as psoriasis of the nail or atopic dermatitis

Science & Technology

As SkinSpirit we only offer safe, proven and effective laser technology to improve the health and appearance of our clients’ concerns. That’s why we use the advanced Harmony XL Pro laser for this treatment.


Harnessing the power of the Harmony XL Pro laser, we solve the problem of toenail and fingernail fungus by using Dye-PL and LP-YAG attachments. This specialist and targeted IPL and laser treatment for toenail fungus uses light energy beams to create heat in short bursts. The energy is narrow and therefore able to be directed specifically to the affected areas. The beams treat fungus at the source below the nail plate. Microsecond pulses of light energy are set on high repetition to gradually heat and completely kill all traces of fungal organisms. Treatment is virtually painless, fast, effective, non-invasive and long lasting.


This is an FDA approved laser for the treatment of toenail and fingernail fungus.



Pre & Post Treatment Care

It is important that the following post-treatment advice is followed:


Don’t wear obstructive footwear for 48 hours post-treatment

Apply antifungal cream twice daily for 3 months

Apply antifungal powder to shoes once a week for 1 month

3 Sessions  £200