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Microneedling at SkinSpirit

Dermaroller Microneedling at SkinSpirit offers impressive results when it comes to tackling the appearance of scars. If you have suffered from acne and your skin has been left marked, scarred and pitted, then microneedling is the ideal treatment for you. Or if you have suffered scars from an injury and would like to improve their appearance, Microneedling is the perfect treatment option.

This minimally invasive treatment is sometimes referred to as ‘collagen induction therapy’ because it promotes the production of healthy collagen to improve skin tone and texture. Also effective as an anti-ageing treatment or to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, Microneedling is a popular choice for many cosmetic concerns.


  • Improves topical product absorption by up to 85%
  • Prompts the production of healthy collagen
  • Improves the tone and texture of the skin



Treatment Details

The handheld Dermaroller microroller system is passed over the desired area several times in multiple directions to create micro-channels in the epidermis. This in turn releases growth factors that promote scarless healing by depositing healthy collagen in place of damaged collagen. Firm pressure is applied but nothing too hard, ensuring the process remains comfortable throughout. A topical anaesthetic cream can be applied if preferred. 

By causing minor traumas to the epidermis with the pressure of the microneedles, the skin naturally responds by making new collagen-rich tissue. The new skin tissue is healthier and more even in tone and texture, helping reduce fine lines,  wrinkles and age spots. Usually 3 – 6 treatments are recommended, which should be spaced 4 – 8 weeks apart, but your therapist will devise a bespoke treatment programme for your needs. 

Skin is left slightly reddened and feeling warm and tight after treatment, not dissimilar to a mild sunburn. There may also be some minor bleeding and/or bruising at some of the wound sites. These side effects usually fade within a matter of hours. With Dermarollers available at various performance levels (needle diameter), treatment can be tailored to your specific needs to achieve optimum results. Whilst home use rollers can be purchased the results are far inferior to those achieved by a professional treatment carried out by an expert therapist.

Results Driven Treatments at SkinSpirit

At SkinSpirit we appreciate the importance of being able to treat cosmetic concerns such as ageing skin. We’re here to help you achieve improved skin tone and texture, reversing and preventing the signs of ageing. 

Dermaroller is an effective treatment that delivers impressive results. Designed to prompt naturally healing collagen production within the skin and to improve the absorption of skin-nurturing topical products, a Dermaroller treatment at SkinSpirit will help improve the health and vitality of your skin. 

Results vary depending on your individual cell renewal process. Older clients may need to allow longer to see full results as the cell renewal process slows down as we age. It can take up to 8 weeks to see any results, but improvements in skin tone and texture will continue for many months following your treatment due to the regeneration process. 

Our expert therapists will provide advice regarding the most effective treatment programme to support your goals, recommending any other treatments or home care products to expedite your results.

What our customers are saying?

A Microneedling treatment takes around 40 minutes

To maximise the benefits of this treatment, we recommend 6 - 8 sessions. You may begin to see results after just 1 treatment but for most people, results become visible after 3 - 4 appointments

We advise that treatments are spaced approximately 2 - 4 weeks apart. Once you have achieved your desired results we suggest 1 - 2 maintenance treatments per year. 


Dermaroller treatment must be avoided if you have any of the following contraindications:

  • Open cuts, sores or tender areas
  • Sunburn
  • Active inflamed acne lesions
  • Active herpes
  • Anyone prone to hypertrophic scarring (keloids)
  • Anyone who has used Roaccutane (isotretinoin) within the last 6 months.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Has areas of the skin that are numb or lack sensation.

Dermaroller cannot be performed 48 hours prior to receiving an injectable filler treatment or 2 weeks post an injectable filler treatment.

Microneedling targets 3 key cells within the skin, working to improve skin tone and texture and improving the appearance of scars and damaged skin. 

Keratinocytes – Epidermal Growth Factors 

Melanocytes – Pigment Regulation 

Fibroblasts – Collagen and Elastin


Microroller options

Home Care - 0.25mm
Up to 20 uses or until dull (the roller will cause more discomfort as it dulls).
Recommend home care usage every other day as tolerated by the skin.

MicroRoller 0.5mm
Collagen induction at the dermal level
Improve acne scarring
Improve wrinkles
Minimise stretch marks
Smooth cellulite

Medical MicroRoller 1mm
Collagen induction
Improve acne scarring
Improve wrinkles
Corrects Hypo and Hyperpigmentation
Minimise stretch marks
Smooth cellulite

Pre & Post Treatment Care
Microrollering cannot be performed 48 hours prior to receiving an injectable filler treatment or 2 weeks post an injectable filler treatment. 

Following treatment, it is recommended that you only use tepid water to cleanse the treated area and you avoid touching the area too. 

It is important that you avoid wearing makeup but do use a high factor SPF for at least 12 hours after your appointment. 

High impact exercise and/or extreme temperatures are also to be avoided for 12 hours post-treatment. 

Minor flaking and/or dryness with scab formation in rare cases may occur after treatment. 

If you have a history of cold sores, Microroller treatment could trigger a flare up. 

Your therapist may recommend some home care products to protect your skin and enhance your results.

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