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SPA FACIALS - DermaQuest

Spa Facials at SkinSpirit

Sometimes we all simply need to indulge in a little relaxation, that happens to benefit the health and appearance of our skin too. At SkinSpirit we offer a range of prescription Spa Facials that can be tailored to your skin type, concerns and aims. 

A relaxing facial using our DermaQuest or Caudalie treatments will help you and your skin feel revived and rejuvenated. Our expert skincare therapists will assess and discuss your skin’s needs and your wellbeing needs too, selecting the perfect Spa Facial for optimum enjoyment. 

Our Spa Facials combine the best skincare products with hands-on treatments to reduce stress, ease tension and create calm. Tell us what you need from your time at SkinSpirit and we’ll devise a treatment that feels like sheer bliss!



  • Relaxing and calming
  • Benefit your skin and your wellbeing
  • Bespoke to your needs






Treatment Details

At SkinSpirit we utilise DermaQuest and Caudalie professional skincare products for our Spa Facials. We have complete faith in these products to deliver exceptional benefits to your skin and create a calm and relaxing treatment from start to finish. 

Drift off to a place of complete calm and tranquillity while your expert therapist applies a magical combination of products to cleanse, exfoliate, restore, hydrate and boost your skin.  

Take some time out. It’s time to let us focus on you. Enjoy a pre- or post-treatment drink in our client lounge and make the most of every minute of your time with us. We’ll do all we can to maximise your relaxation and enjoyment. 

Results Driven Treatments at SkinSpirit

As a results driven medispa we are always focussed on delivering the best improvements in our clients’ skin health and appearance, but our Spa Facials concentrate on your relaxation and wellbeing too.  

We all need time to relax and recharge, and opting for a Spa Facial at SkinSpirit enables you to do just that, while spoiling your skin at the same time. 

After your Spa Facial your skin will feel fresh, vibrant and glowing. And you’ll feel a whole lot better too!

What our customers are saying?

Our Spa Facials can be tailored to your own needs and preferences and can therefore vary in time. On average a Spa Facial at SkinSpirit lasts between 30 - 90 minutes. 

Our Spa Facials can be added to any specialist skincare treatment programme at the clinic or booked and enjoyed as a stand alone treatment. Spa Facials can be booked as frequently as you wish and your therapist will assess your skin at every appointment to ensure the very best products and protocols are selected.

Courses 1 3 5 8
Sweet Clear  £50   £135   £200 £300
Sweet Lift   £50   £135   £200 £300
Sweet Radiance  £50   £135   £200 £300
Sweet Enhance  £50   £135   £200 £300
Sweet Chill  £50   £135   £200 £300
Sweet Hydrate  £50   £135   £200 £300
Enzyme Mask  £50   £135   £200 £300
Foaming Enzyme Facial  £60   £162   £240 £360
Deep Cleansing Purity Ritual  £50   £135   £200 £300
Cancer Care Harmony Facial  £50   £135   £200 £300