Clearlift / Anti Ageing Laser Treatment

laser anti ageing treatment

Sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles are natural symptoms of ageing, but you don’t have to settle for a look that you don’t love. There are lots of modern cosmetic procedure options to choose from that plump, firm, resurface, and revitalize your skin.

There are lots of modern cosmetic procedure options to choose from that plump, firm, resurface, and revitalize your skin. Traditional plastic surgery, injection methods, and semi-invasive procedures have shown amazing results. However, there is a long list of risks and unwanted side-effects to consider. With ClearLift Laser Facelift, it only takes 20 pain-free minutes to see noticeable results. 

How does ClearLift Laser remodel your skin?

ClearLift Laser Facelift treatments utilize a powerful Pixel Q-Switch laser. This targeted light therapy stimulates collagen production underneath the skin’s surface. New collagen is the key to a youthful glow and tight, firmed skin. As we age, collagen production slows down dramatically, which is the root cause of most fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye circles, and other ageing symptoms. Fortunately, by kick-starting collagen production at the source, ClearLift is able to reverse the signs of ageing with dramatic results.

Shrink, tighten, and resurface your skin without any numbing or needles required! This innovative laser facelift procedure is virtually pain-free with absolutely no downtime. ClearLift is nicknamed the ‘lunchtime facelift’ because it only takes 20 minutes to complete the treatment. Afterwards, you will continue your daily routine without any visible signs of treatment. There are no plastic surgery bandages, no chemical redness or peeling, and no needle marks or bruising. Most clients describe the feeling like a comfortable warmth from the inside out that inspires an instant, natural glow. facelift without surgery

The cutting-edge laser is the secret to this in-and-out procedure. This Non-ablative laser crosses through the epidermis completely to target the dermal layer deep beneath the skin. You won’t see or feel the tiny heat points that are created, but you will notice the results. The body produces collagen to heal the points where the laser was applied, by a natural biological process.

Harmony NIR

SkinSpirit uses the advanced, Harmony NIR (Near Infrared Technology) module as part of this treatment. The module uses a high powered light source to achieve safe and effective sub-dermal heating, which stimulates the growth of new collagen and tightening laxity while also imparting a youthful glow to the skin.

Enhance your treatment with Led Light Therapy for 20 Minutes

SkinSpirit also provides Led Light Therapy, which can be added to this treatment. The Dermalux® LED systems have been uniquely designed to offer the most innovative and technically advanced LED Phototherapy treatments available.

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  • Lunchtime" Procedure
  • Virtually Painless
  • Zero Downtime
  • No Anaesthesia
  • Safe for All Skin Types
  • Wrinkles reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Collagen remodelling

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