Mesotherapy at SkinSpirit

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses microinjections of a specially formulated cocktail of ingredients to improve your specific skin concerns. This tailored treatment can include around 50 various vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, hormones, peptides, antioxidants and plant extracts to support your skin’s needs. 

The ideal non-surgical solution to tackle acne and scarring due to its skin healing capabilities. Mesotherapy can also aid a whole host of other skin concerns including  ageing, pigmentation, dehydration, scarring, dull skin, stretch marks, and even cellulite. Treatment works by stimulating blood circulation and prompting the body to create new, healthy collagen and elastin to repair and restore the epidermis. Add to that the benefits of the tailored combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, hormones, peptides, antioxidants and/or plant extracts and your skin will enjoy a healthy glow that comes from within. 



  • Impressive skin rejuvenation and repair
  • Ingredients tailored to your skin’s needs
  • Ideal to improve multiple skin concerns

Treatment Details

At SkinSpirit we’re firm believers in utilising the power of natural ingredients to improve the health and appearance of the skin. That’s why Mesotherapy is one of our favourite skincare treatments. 

Mesotherapy has a wide scope to be used to improve many skin concerns by selecting the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, hormones, peptides, antioxidants and plant extracts. What your skin needs - your skin receives. 

The perfect tonic to improve the signs and causes of acne and scarring, Mesotherapy stimulates your body’s natural responses to rebuild and regenerate by encouraging the production of new collagen and elastin and increasing blood circulation to the treated area too. 

Whilst Mesotherapy uses micro-needles to deliver its cocktail of skin-nurturing ingredients, a numbing cream is applied first to ensure your session is as comfortable as possible. 

An ideal solution to accompany other acne and scarring treatments and home care products, skin is left looking and feeling healthier and more vibrant.

Results Driven Treatments at SkinSpirit

At SkinSpirit we are all about the results! All our treatments, technologies and home care products have been researched and selected due to their proven outcomes. Mesotherapy is a versatile treatment that offers many benefits with minimal discomfort or side-effects.

Mesotherapy’s restorative powers are impressive, with the best results achieved from a course of treatments. A fantastic way to improve your skin health, by providing it with a dose of ingredients tailored to support your concerns. 

At SkinSpirit we offer consultant led skincare programmes, suggesting only the most effective treatments and products to our clients. We appreciate the frustration caused by acne and scarring and can use Mesotherapy, as well as other solutions, to help you regain confidence in your complexion. 

Our expertise and passion to deliver the best service, care and results are evident from your very first consultation with a member of our team. Let’s work together to achieve the skin you dream of.

What our customers are saying?

A Mesotherapy treatment usually takes around 20 - 30 minutes. A numbing cream is applied to your skin at the start of your appointment to reduce any discomfort. 

We would usually recommend a course of 4 treatments, approximately every 3 weeks to ensure optimum results. 

Your therapist will be able to provide advice regarding your individual needs and may recommend other treatments or home care products to enhance your results.


Whilst Mesotherapy is a very safe and effective treatment for most people, there are a few contraindications that must be adhered to. You would not be suitable for treatment if:

  • You have a skin infection on or near the treatment area
  • You’re taking medication that affects bleeding, such as Warfarin
  • You’re currently suffering from any oncological diseases
  • You’re diabetic
  • You suffer from heart disease
  • You have a cardiac stimulator fitted
  • You’re suffering from any inflammatory or infectious diseases

Mesotherapy is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Science & Technology

Mesotherapy originated in France and was developed by French physician Dr Michel Pistor in 1952. It was developed as a medical treatment to improve pain in patients with certain disorders. Tiny micro-needles are used to inject a specific combination of ingredients into the epidermis by making multiple dermal punctures. A numbing cream is applied prior to treatment. 


Pre & Post Treatment Care

Mesotherapy is a safe, fast and effective treatment that results in very few side-effects. We do however advise the following pre- and post-treatment care.


Before your treatment:

Please refrain from drinking alcohol for 48 hours prior to your treatment as this can cause blood thinning which will increase post-treatment bruising. Please let your therapist know if you are using any products that contain retinol as these may need to be ceased for a few days before treatment. 


After your treatment:

  • Avoid intense heat or sun exposure for 72 hours
  • Avoid too much facial movement or massage for 48 hours
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours
  • Gently apply a cool compress to reduce any swelling or bruising
  • You should be able to return to your normal daily activities directly after your treatment. 
  • Your therapist will be able to provide more pre- and post-treatment advice.