DermaQuest Seasonal Mask

Summer Papaya Mask

Summer papaya mask is a soothing and refreshing gently exfoliating treatment mask. Formulated with 15 nourishing fruit extracts, this combination of essential hydration and gentle exfoliation simultaneously provides cooling and healing properties delicate enough for any balanced skin. Summer papaya mask is a gently exfoliating treatment mask that drenches the skin in hydration and healing nutrients. Formulated to replenish the skin depleted by sun exposure, this mask uses fruit like watermelon, kiwi and apple to restore hydration and vitality. Hawaiian papaya acts as a gentle exfoliant as a blend of fruit extracts and california honey work to rehydrate and feed the skin.

If bright, energized and replenished skin is one of your skin care goals, summer papaya mask is your answer for a radiant look.


Winter Cranberry Mask

The blend of gently exfoliating berry and fruit extracts, honey, ginger and cinnamon found exclusively in the winter cranberry mask make it an ideal at-home treatment for the fall and winter months. Rejuvenate, hydrate, plump, nourish and replenish the complexion with a weekly regimen. The most active of the enzyme masks, winter cranberry mask is perfect during the harsh winter months.

It’s brimming with antioxidants from organic berries, stimulating benefits of cinnamon and ginger, all working together to regenerate skin, quash lines and wrinkles and lift discolouration. Although, extremely exfoliating; this mask is ever so hydrating and nourishing to thicker more resilient skin types. however, it is not recommended for sensitive skin.


• Exceptionally exfoliating, skin smoothing and brightening

• Nutrient rich antioxidants fight free radical damage and reduce inflammation

• Protects the collagen and elastin from breakdown

Safe for all skin types and tones