DermaQuest C-Infusion / The Ultimate Antioxidant Peel

Preventative ageing treatment appropriate for skin types experiencing dull, lifeless and uneven skin tone. This antioxidant powerhouse peel brightens and revitalises resistant skin as it removes layers of sluggish skin cells. Vitamin C, Lactic Acid and a plethora of plant extracts infuse skin tissues with antioxidants and hydrating properties to contribute to barrier repair.



  • Increases cellular turnover to repair UV damage
  • Polishes and hydrates uneven skin texture and tone
  • Works to preserve skin cells through powerful antioxidants.
  • Evens Skin Texture
  • Brightens Hyperpigmentation
  • Increases Cellular Turnover
  • Hydrating & works to preserve skin cells through powerful antioxidants

Safe for all skin types and tones